Environmental DNA applications in biomonitoring and bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems - Guidelines

Just published - December 2020
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What’s eDNA ? 



ID-GENE offers fast, sensitive and reliable environmental DNA tests to governmental agencies and the industry. Our DNA tests respond to the growing demand for new tools for environmental impact assessment that complement or replace the traditional morphology-based methods.

Bioassessment and Biomonitoring

ID-GENE uses the high-throughput DNA sequencing technology applied to selected groups of bio-indicators to assess the ecological quality of aquatic ecosystems

Biodiversity Inventory

ID-GENE uses the high-throughput DNA sequencing technology to identify the community of animals, plants and microbes present in aquatic ecosystems

Species Detection

ID-GENE uses the high-throughput DNA sequencing technology for detection of selected species in environmental DNA samples.

ID-GENE fournit des tests génétiques rapides, sensibles et fiables pour la bioévaluation environnementale et la biosurveillance

Notre ambition est de dynamiser le travail des agences environnementales, des bureaux d’étude et des autorités au service de la protection de l’environnement, ainsi que de l’industrie, par l’usage de technologies à la pointe de la recherche scientifique en matière d’évaluation d’impact sur l’environnement. Nous favorisons l’innovation scientifique dans un esprit d’entreprise afin de rendre la génomique environnementale accessible et de garantir l’amélioration à long terme de la gestion des ressources environnementales.

ID-GENE bietet eine schnelle, empfindliche und zuverlässige Gentests für biologische Umweltbewertung und Uberwachung

Wir zielen darauf ab, Umweltagenturen und Umweltsberatungsfirmen, Behörden und die Industrie durch wegweisende wissenschaftliche Technologie zur Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung. Das Unternehmen arbeitet daran, die wissenschaftliche Innovation in einer unternehmerischen Denkweise zu fördern, um die Umweltgenomik zugänglich zu machen und die langfristige Verbesserung der Management der Umweltressourcen zu gewährleisten.

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marine benthic monitoring


diatoms molecular index


invasive alien species survey


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Proprietary algorithms

for environmental DNA data mining and biostatistical analysis

Solid scientific and technical expertise

and great knowledge in biodiversity

State-of-the-art laboratory facility

with access to the newest biotech equipment

High quality control at all stages of sample processing

from eDNA sampling, PCR amplification, to high-throughput sequencing

A versatile approach to address your present and future challenges

Flexibility to meet your demands
Cost-effective solutions
Confidentiality in data treatment
A qualified client support team, committed to assist you from design to results

Up to date reference database

of extensive environmental DNA data


We work on projects around the world with clients in Europe (Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Scotland, France), Canada, Israel, and New Zealand.

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