Based on genomic analysis performed with cutting-edge biotechnologies, ID-GENE™ tests guarantee the highest specificity and accuracy of results from any type of sample


Our cutting-edge and robust lab and bioinformatic workflows allows for reduced samples processing time and very fast data analysis to speed up the process of species identification

  • time saving – allowing faster decision making and rapid reaction in case of emergency
  • cost-effective – less $$$ per assessment


Our method relies on analysing eDNA covering the whole macro- and microbiome so our tests detect environmental / biotic changes with unprecedented sensitivity

  • allowing comprehensive risk assessment and evaluation of ecosystem health based on cumulative evidence


Our rigorous and standardised automated experimental protocols and safer sampling protocols produce top-quality data

  • ensuring precise and reliable evaluation of ecosystems health based on comprehensive global database instead of personal expertise and subjectivity


marine benthic monitoring


diatoms molecular index


invasive alien species survey

ID-GENE ecodiagnostics

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