ID-GENE ecodiagnostics Ltd is a Swiss start-up company founded in 2014. Created as a spin-off of the University of Geneva, ID-GENE is led by Professor Jan Pawlowski, an internationally recognized expert on molecular systematics and environmental genomics

Our mission

ID-GENE provides fast, sensitive and reliable genetic tests for environmental bioassessment and biomonitoring.

We aim to empower environmental agencies, consultancies, and the industry through innovative tools for environmental impact assessment. The company works to foster scientific innovation in an entrepreneurial mindset to make environmental genomics accessible and to improve the long-term management of environmental resources.

Our unique expertise at the forefront of scientific research

ID-GENE has developed a deep expertise in molecular ecodiagnostics. It offers comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective genetic tests to enable fast and high quality assessment of the biodiversity and environmental monitoring.

ID-GENE approach is a proven reliable alternative to the traditional studies requiring specialized personnel and long time-to-result (i.e. morphology-based methods).

Grants and achievements

The scientific value and the societal and economic benefits of our innovative technology have been awarded by two prestigious national grants.

From 2017, ID-GENE participates in the SYNAQUA project that is supported by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund and a Swiss Federal grant.
ASC Certified logo

ID-GENE eDNA tests have been accepted by Aquaculture Stewardship Council as tools for fulfilling the requirements of benthic monitoring to obtain ASC certificate by salmon farmers, since September 2015.

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ID-GENE ecodiagnostics

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