Large part of biomonitoring activities consists in tracking rare species at risk of extinction and controlling the dispersal of invasive alien species (IAS) that outcompete local populations and often led to perturbation of ecosystem stability. The effective monitoring depends on early detection and accurate identification of invasive species, which is traditionally based on morphological taxonomy. With this project, we aimed at using eDNA to detect and identify species in aquatic ecosystems. We successfully designed highly specific eDNA probes and assays to target 20 common IAS in Switzerland that we tested using real-time multiplexing plateform. The analysis of a eDNA probe has proven to be faster, more sensitive and more reliable than the traditional methods.

The project has been realized by Prof. Pawlowski group at the University of Geneva as research partner and the ID-Gene ecodiagnostics Ltd. as an implementation partner in 2016 thanks to a fund from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Project Partners

Public – Université de Genève, Molecular systematics and environmental genomics, Jan Pawlowski group

Private – ID-Gene ecodiagnostics Ltd.

The project is supported by the Swiss Commission on Technology and Innovation CTI.


Université de Genève